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Atlanta Stepparent Adoption Lawyer

Experienced Stepparent Adoption Lawyers Serving Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Stepparent Adoption LawyerThe relationship between a stepparent and their stepchild frequently develops into a relationship that is just as meaningful and loving as a relationship between biological parents and their children. By adopting your stepchild(ren), you will gain the same parental rights as a biological parent. Of course, there are a lot of sensitive issues that accompany stepparent adoption. Our Atlanta stepparent adoption lawyer is experienced with handling issues of this nature and can help guide you through the process.

Helping You Create A Family Through Adoption

When another family member wants to become the parent of a child, we offer the legal representation needed to help the family achieve results. We understand that these issues can sometimes become complex and emotional, but we are well prepared to guide our clients through the legal system.

Our Atlanta stepparent adoption lawyers understand the complicated state laws surrounding adoption, depending on the relationship the adoptive parent has with the child. Our lawyers will walk you through the process and address your adoption goals, as well as those obstacles that may need to be resolved such as terminating parental rights. If there is a non-participating parent, such as a parent who is incarcerated or uninvolved in the child’s life, termination of parental rights must occur before the other relative can adopt. When the noncustodial biological parent consents, that parent relinquishes all parental rights and responsibilities.

At Naggiar & Sarif, we understand the law concerning termination of parental rights and we can help resolve any related complications.

Our goal is to protect the rights and best interests of all of our clients and their family members. We do that by providing legal assistance during the facilitation of an adoption and throughout the whole process.

In addition, Georgia law requires that the stepparent seeking adoption is married to the custodial parent of the child. A domestic partnership is not sufficient for the purpose of adoption of your partner’s child.

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Seeking the guidance of a seasoned legal professional is invaluable when navigating the complex world of step-parent adoption for you and your family. We will provide comprehensive advice on the legal standards, guiding you through each step, including the crucial home-study evaluation. Their counsel extends to exploring both the positive and negative implications of adoption, considering its impact on you, your family, and the child involved. This becomes particularly crucial when faced with potential challenges, such as a non-consenting parent. Our Atlanta stepparent adoption lawyers possess expertise in assisting Atlanta residents with adoption proceedings, as well as addressing matters related to child support, custody, property division, and the broader spectrum of family law concerns. Contact us today by phone or our contact form to schedule a consultation.