Child Support Attorney Atlanta

In Georgia, child support is the right of the child and both parents have a duty of support. Nevertheless, one of the most contested matters in family law cases is resolving the amount of support, if any, to be paid from one parent to the other, and a expert child support Atlanta attorney as an advocate by your side could help your situation in the long run.

Georgia has child support guidelines and calculators which help in determining what the appropriate amount of support should be. The child support calculator is based on predetermined tables, but there are many variables and deviations which can lower or increase the amount of support.

The relevant (and lengthy) statute on child support is O.C.G.A §19-6-15.and the Georgia Child Support Commission has calculators available at but as mentioned, there are many factors and variables which can potentially dramatically impact the amount of child support the calculators indicate.

The worksheets and calculators can appear intimidating to those who do not work with them every day like our attorneys do. Our attorneys are very familiar with the child support calculators and their nuances, and have even lectured to other attorneys on how to properly use them.

If you have a child support question, whether it be regarding the proper amount to be paid, an arrearage that has accrued, or modifying a current child support order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We also often represent clients seeking to modify (whether it be an increase or decrease) the child support order in place, and frequently represent professional athletes, their spouses, or the child’s mothers with respect to these issues. After all, many professional athletes will sign a very large contract (so what is the correct child support in such a situation?) earning significant amounts of money (if not millions of dollars) but then what happens when they no longer are earning what they earned at the height of their career? We can help with that situation and the law provides an answer.

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