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Atlanta Restraining Order Attorney

Professional Restraining Order Attorneys Serving Clients in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Restraining Order AttorneyIn general, a Temporary Protective Order (TPO) is a tool to help protect victims of domestic violence or stalking. This order will require the abuser to stay a certain distance away from you and/or your children, both at home and at your work. In addition, the restrained person will be prohibited from contacting you in person, by telephone, by mail, by email, and through the use of a third party. A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in Atlanta, on the other hand, is different from a TPO. A TRO is a short-term pre-trial temporary injunction. In order to obtain a TRO, a party must convince the judge that he or she will suffer immediate irreparable harm unless the order is issued.

Under the Family Violence Act, beginning at O.C.G.A. ยง 19-13-1, individuals who are abused by present or past spouses, parents of the same child, parents and children, stepparents and stepchildren, foster parents and foster children or other persons living or formerly living in the same household have an avenue to gain protection from their abuser.

What Does a Protective Order Do?

The rules laid out in restraining/protective orders can include the following:

  • Order the abuser to stop his/her abusive, threatening, or violent actions
  • Order the abuser to stop making any contact with the protected person and anyone else included in the order
  • Order the abuser to leave the home
  • Order the abuser to provide child support or spousal support
  • Award child custody to the petitioner with or without visitation rights for the other party (if applicable)
  • Order the abuser to pay court costs/legal fees
  • Order the abuser to pay restitution for any medical expenses or property damage
  • Order the abuser to complete psychological counseling

A protective order can significantly impact the defendant’s life. If you find yourself in the position of being the defendant in a case involving such orders, it’s crucial to secure appropriate legal representation. Sadly, claims of domestic violence frequently arise amidst divorce and family conflicts, often with one party seeking advantage over the other. It becomes imperative to defend yourself and present evidence countering any unfounded allegations in court.

How A Restraining Order Attorney Can Offer Assistance

While restraining orders serve as critical tools in preventing ongoing abuse, they can sometimes be misused to gain perceived advantages in family law situations. It’s crucial to recognize that restraining orders carry lasting repercussions and should never be pursued without careful consideration of their impact on all parties involved. Our legal team possesses the expertise not only to aid victims of abuse in obtaining and maintaining restraining orders but also to defend against and seek the dismissal of those obtained unjustly.

Our Atlanta restraining order attorneys offer thorough guidance tailored to your specific circumstances to determine the appropriateness of pursuing a restraining order. Should it be warranted, we work with you to secure the court order and ensure its enforcement. Likewise, if you find yourself facing an unjustified restraining order, our team can mount a robust defense to have it nullified. Given the potential long-term implications of a FAPA (Family Abuse Prevention Act) restraining order on future employment and legal records, it’s imperative to seek counsel from a seasoned Atlanta restraining orders attorney.

Unfortunately, there are also instances when people inappropriately take out a TRO or TPO and falsely accuse someone of abuse or violence. If you are falsely accused and facing a TPO, TRO, or Family Violence hearing, our attorneys at Naggiar & Sarif can help you with that situation as well.

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