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Atlanta Family Law Appeals Attorney

Skilled Family Law Appeals Lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Appeals AttorneyWhen a party is not satisfied with the result from a judge or jury, they often consider an appeal, a motion for new trial, and/or a motion to set aside. Some cases are appealed to the Georgia Court of Appeals while others to the Supreme Court of Georgia. The type of case or order being appealed determines in which court the appeal needs to be filed. An Atlanta appeals attorney serves as a beacon of hope for individuals who seek to challenge unfavorable court decisions.

Appeal lawyers act as legal architects who meticulously dissect trial records, scrutinize legal precedents, and craft persuasive arguments aimed at overturning inaccurate rulings or securing a more favorable outcome on appeal. Their role is not just about navigating the intricacies of the law but also about providing their clients with support and guidance through what can often be a daunting and emotionally charged process.

With respect to custody or visitation appeals, see O.C.G.A. § 5-6-34(a)(11) which was amended on May 6, 2013 and now states that appeals must be taken for . . . “All judgments or orders in child custody cases awarding, refusing to change, or modifying child custody or holding or declining to hold persons in contempt of such child custody judgment or orders.” The legislature amended the statute’s language to limit the scope of judgments or orders in child custody cases which are subject to direct appeal.

A Family Law Appeals Lawyer is Key To A Successful Outcome

One of the main attributes of an effective Atlanta appeals attorney is their ability to think strategically. Appeals are not simply retrials; they require a different approach that hinges on identifying errors of law or procedure committed during the initial trial and presenting compelling legal arguments to higher courts. This demands a keen analytical mind and a deep understanding of legal principles.

Communication is paramount in the realm of appeals. Our skilled Atlanta appeal attorneys at Naggiar & Sarif possess exceptional skills to effectively articulate our client’s position before appellate judges. Whether drafting appellate briefs or delivering oral arguments, the ability to convey complex legal concepts clearly and persuasively can be the difference between success and failure.

Beyond our legal understanding, we also bring a sense of empathy and compassion to our practice. We understand that behind every case is a human story, a client struggling with the repercussions of an adverse ruling or seeking justice in the face of injustice. By taking the time to listen to our clients’ concerns, empathize with their struggles, and offer unwavering support, we not only provide legal representation but also serve as trusted allies in our clients’ journey through the appellate process.

In a city as bustling as Atlanta, where time is often of the essence, having an appeals lawyer who is responsive and accessible is crucial. Whether addressing urgent legal matters or providing updates on case developments, clients rely on their attorney to be their steadfast advocate every step of the way. This level of dedication and responsiveness is a hallmark of our lawyers at Naggiar & Sarif.

Furthermore, the legal landscape is constantly evolving, with new precedents being set and legislative changes shaping the contours of the law. In such a dynamic environment, staying on top of legal developments is important for any law firm. Our appeal lawyers understand the importance of continuous learning and professional development, ensuring we are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate even the most complex issues effectively.

Our Atlanta Family Law Appeals Lawyer Is Here To Help

The role of an Atlanta appeals lawyer extends far beyond the confines of the courtroom. They are champions of justice, dedicated to helping their clients navigate the complexities of the appellate process with skill, empathy, and unwavering determination. Whether you’re facing a civil dispute, criminal conviction, or administrative decision, we will be by your side and can provide you with the expertise and support you need to pursue justice and secure a favorable outcome on appeal. Contact us today.