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Over 80 Years Of Combined Legal Experience

Over 80 Years Of Combined Legal Experience

Innovative Legal Solutions That Guarantee The Best Possible Outcome

Innovative Legal Solutions That Guarantee The Best Possible Outcome

Our Client’s Satisfaction Is At The Forefront Of Everything We Do

Our Client’s Satisfaction Is At The Forefront Of Everything We Do

We Are Proud To Have Over 65 5-Star Google Reviews

We Are Proud To Have Over 65 5-Star Google Reviews

Atlanta Divorce Attorney

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Skilled Divorce Attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia

A divorce can be very simple and relatively inexpensive, or it can be very complicated and costly (both emotionally and financially). The reality is that the more you and your spouse can agree upon in your divorce, and the sooner you can agree, then the more straightforward and inexpensive it will be. Unfortunately, it only takes one unreasonable or unrealistic party or lawyer (out of the at least 4 personalities involved) to make the process more complicated, adversarial, and expensive than it otherwise needs to be. The Atlanta divorce attorney at Naggiar & Sarif will act as a compass to guide you through this experience successfully.

It is never our goal to have a trial or litigated case, and given our many years of experience we understand the value in an out of court resolution for you and your family, but sometimes the circumstances require the Court’s assistance.

Fortunately, the vast majority of cases reach settlement without court intervention, but for those cases that end up going before the court (whether it be a status conference, temporary hearing, or final trial), our experienced attorneys will be ready and will prepare you.

Almost all cases will have a mediation or settlement conference to try to resolve outstanding issues, and our attorneys will guide you through the process and explain everything every step of the way.

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Meet Our Attorneys Danny Naggiar & David Sarif

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Meet Our Attorneys Danny Naggiar & David Sarif

Our experienced family law attorneys are well respected in the legal community, having earned numerous awards and distinctions, our team continually strives to make us the best divorce attorneys we can be for our clients. While our attorneys are first and foremost litigators, we are also trained in mediation, collaborative law and as Guardian ad Litems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the divorce process work in Georgia?

The divorce process can work in a variety of ways, depending on the circumstances of your case. Below is a generic overview of the basic divorce process:

One spouse files a complaint for divorce in the appropriate county

The complaint for divorce is then served, by law on the other party. This can be accomplished by agreement or through law enforcement.

The party being sued for divorce has 30 days to file a response for the complaint for divorce.

Either party may request a temporary hearing to resolve matters of child support, custody or spousal support on a temporary basis.

During this time the parties may exchange information about all aspects relating to each other as it pertains to their divorce, via a process called discovery.

At this time the parties may exchange settlement offers or attend a formal mediation where a neutral party hopes to facilitate a settlement of all matters before trial.

If the parties are unable to settle their case they may request a trial before a judge or a jury.

How long does the divorce process take?

By law the state of Georgia can only grant a divorce 31 days after everything has been filed. Therefore, technically, it is possible to get divorced in 32 days, but this occurs in the rarest of circumstances and typically applies to uncontested divorces.

The length of the divorce process is really based on the complexity of the case. Some examples include, the inability to agree on any aspect of their divorce, parties with complex financial assets and battles over child custody. Before a court will grant a divorce, every issue pertaining to the spouse’s marriage needs to be resolved and the conduct of the parties during this process can greatly shorten or lengthen the divorce process.

How much does a divorce cost?

Once again, this answer depends on the circumstances of the party. Costs can vary based on the ability or inability of the parties to come to an agreement on their divorce issues. Generally, the more the parties agree upon the less they will spend on their divorce.

Can I file for divorce myself?

Yes. Georgia allows for parties to represent themselves in a divorce action.

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The Atlanta Divorce Process

Once the divorce process is set in motion, the division of assets becomes a central focus. This involves untangling joint finances, real estate, and possessions accumulated during the marriage. The complexities of asset division often lead to disputes, making it imperative to have a legal representative adept at negotiating favorable settlements.

Child custody is another pivotal aspect that demands careful consideration. Navigating the intricacies of child custody arrangements involves determining what is in the best interest of the child. Courts aim to create arrangements that provide stability and support for the children involved. Our skilled divorce attorneys can help parents navigate the legal landscape, advocating for their rights and the well-being of their children.

In the midst of divorce proceedings, emotions often run high, and communication between estranged spouses can become strained. This is where legal representation proves invaluable. Our seasoned attorney acts as a mediator, facilitating communication and negotiation between the parties involved. Their expertise ensures that emotions do not overshadow the pursuit of a fair and equitable resolution.

The financial implications of divorce are significant, and alimony or spousal support may come into play. Determining the appropriate amount involves a careful examination of each party’s financial situation. Our experienced Atlanta divorce attorneys can help you understand your rights and responsibilities, striving for a resolution that is both fair and reasonable.

Throughout the divorce process, it is essential to adhere to deadlines and legal requirements. Failure to do so can result in delays and complications. We will guide you through the necessary steps, ensuring that all paperwork is filed correctly and on time. This attention to detail is crucial in preventing unnecessary setbacks and expediting the overall process.

Why Choose Us?

At Naggiar & Sarif, we bring over 80 years of combined legal expertise to our clients, offering personalized, innovative solutions to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our firm is renowned for our commitment to client satisfaction and discretion, particularly with high-profile individuals, earning us high reviews. Whether it’s divorce, custody, or other family law matters, our extensive experience and comprehensive services are dedicated to supporting your needs effectively.

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Divorce is a complicated legal process that requires a correct approach. Navigating its complexities demands the expertise of a seasoned attorney who can provide invaluable guidance and representation. From the initial filing to asset division, child custody, and financial considerations, having a legal professional by your side ensures that your rights are protected and that the divorce process proceeds smoothly. Contact Naggiar & Sarif’s legal team today to explore your options and find out how our expertise can assist you through this challenging process.

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