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Atlanta Complex Divorce Attorney

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Atlanta Complex Divorce AttorneyMany of our client’s cases involve high asset divorce or complex family law issues. High net-worth individuals and high income earning clients hire Naggiar & Sarif because of our expertise and experience with such cases and the unique issues involved in cases involving affluent or wealthy parties. High-asset divorce cases can often be among the most complex family law matters and it’s imperative that you hire a knowledgeable, qualified, and experienced Atlanta complex divorce attorney to protect your assets, interests, and rights.

In the vast majority of our high asset or high income cases, our firm will engage a team of highly qualified forensic accountants, professional appraisers, pension valuation experts, and/or business valuations experts as appropriate. Since cases involving substantial assets or high income have unique and complex issues, the client should ensure that his or her attorney is very familiar with the nuances and special circumstances that such cases often involve.

Assessment of Joint Assets

Often times we are asked what exactly is a high asset divorce case? A high asset or high net worth matter usually involves substantial assets and issues involving:

  • Multiple homes
  • Complicated investment and retirement vehicles
  • Shared corporate/business interests
  • Inheritances, gifts, or personal injury awards
  • International investments/accounts
  • Complicated spousal or child support
  • Tax implications

It is crucial to assess whether assets fall under the category of marital property, thus subject to the presumption of equal contribution, or if they are separate. Additionally, for marital assets, a comprehensive valuation may be necessary. International considerations arise when assets or accounts are held abroad, adding complexity to the process. Furthermore, intricate tax implications need thorough examination. To navigate through these complexities effectively, the guidance of a seasoned Atlanta complex divorce attorney is essential, equipped with the expertise to address all these intricate matters.

Additional Hurdles in Complex Divorces

Ending a complex marriage often prompts one party to try and conceal assets from the other, aiming to exclude them from the equal distribution process. Concealing assets can involve intricate methods and may happen through various means, including:

  • Transferring funds to third parties
  • Channeling funds into offshore accounts
  • Underestimating income
  • Undervaluing assets
  • Altering investment ownership
  • Making large purchases in the hope of avoiding detection

Assets represent just one facet in complex divorces. The distribution of debt also demands equitable attention. While pre-marital debts may not typically factor in, any debt accrued during the marriage might become the joint responsibility of both parties. This complexity intensifies when figuring out business ventures, multiple properties, tax liabilities, penalties, and other financial entanglements.

Prenuptial agreements frequently feature in high asset divorces. If a couple accumulates significantly more wealth than anticipated at the time of drafting the prenup, the court may need to reevaluate its terms.

In all instances, it is crucial to identify and meticulously evaluate all assets and debts to ensure their equitable distribution in accordance with the law. This often necessitates the involvement of financial experts, valuation appraisers, and forensic accountants to accurately assess values or unearth any concealed or overlooked assets.

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