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Many of our client’s cases involve high asset divorce or complex family law issues. High net-worth individuals and high income earning clients hire our law firm because of our expertise and experience with such cases and the unique issues involved in cases involving affluent or wealthy parties.  Our high asset divorce clients are located not only in Atlanta or throughout Georgia but all over the world.  High-asset divorce cases can often be among the most complex family law matters and it’s imperative that you hire knowledgeable, qualified, and experienced attorneys to protect your assets, interests, and rights.

In the vast majority of our high asset or high income cases, our firm will engage a team of highly qualified forensic accountants, professional appraisers, pension valuation experts, and/or business valuations experts as appropriate. Since cases involving substantial assets or high income have unique and complex issues, the prudent client should ensure that his or her attorney is very familiar with the nuances and special circumstances that such cases often involve.

For example, identifying marital assets, separate property, and determining asset valuation is only part of the equation. The attorney’s and expert’s advice on how to equitably divide or transfer such assets and properties in the most beneficial manner to the client is what makes all the difference. One word or key phrase in a legal document can have significant implications.

Often times we are asked what exactly is a high asset divorce case? A high asset or high net worth matter usually involves substantial assets and issues involving multiple real estate properties, substantial inheritance, vacation homes, business interests, vested and unvested stock options, deferred compensation, bonuses, profit sharing, family owned business, closely held corporations, intellectual property, international assets or holdings, hidden assets, trusts, professional practices (such as physician and dental practices), complicated assets, collectibles, or even a situation where one or more of the spouses earns a high income.

We have successfully resolved countless high asset and high net worth cases through mediation, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution, and in court when necessary (including jury trials).

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