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Second Opinion Review

Are you feeling confused or frustrated by the current status of your case? Are you starting to second guess or question the advice you are being given by your current representation? Is your current lawyer ignoring you or slow to respond? Are you allowed to seek a second opinion in your family law matter?

Yes, you are absolutely allowed to have an independent attorney review your case and provide an honest assessment of the quality of representation you are (or are not) receiving.

Our confidential review of your case can put your mind at ease that you are either in good hands and being advised properly by your current counsel, or our analysis will confirm that you need to seek new and effective legal representation. The point is that we will provide a confidential and honest assessment of your case no matter how complex or straightforward you believe your family law matter might be.

Also, similar to the second opinion review, we will be glad to review a potential settlement agreement or any proposed document in your family law case, such as proposed consent temporary or final orders.