A divorce can be very simple and relatively inexpensive, or it can be very complicated and costly (both emotionally and financially). The reality is that the more you and your spouse can agree upon in your divorce, and the sooner you can agree, then more straightforward and inexpensive it will be. Unfortunately, it only takes one unreasonable or unrealistic party or lawyer (out of the at least 4 personalities involved) to make the process more complicated, adversarial, and expensive than it otherwise needs to be.

It is never our goal to have a trial or litigated case, and given our many years of experience we understand the value in an out of court resolution for you and your family, but sometimes the circumstances require the Court’s assistance.

Fortunately, the vast majority of cases reach settlement without court intervention, but for those cases that end up going before the court (whether it be a status conference, temporary hearing, or final trial), our experienced attorneys will be ready and will prepare you.

Almost all cases will have a mediation or settlement conference to try resolve outstanding issues, and our attorneys will guide you through the process and explain everything every step of the way.

How can our Family Lawyers help you?