Questions about Military Divorce?
Facing a Military Divorce?

Our American soldiers defend the rights of all Americans and others throughout the world every day. In return for your loyal service to our country, you deserve to receive the peace of mind derived from military benefits and the justice associated with fair military proceedings.

There are federal laws and guidelines that can affect military retirement division, jurisdiction, medical and protection for formers spouses. The Uniformed Former Spouse Protection Act is the governing force behind military pension division. Specific expertise is needed to properly advise the servicemember or their spouse as to how to properly calculate a retirement benefit. Georgia law allows the courts to classify military retirement as property subject to equitable division. Therefore, there are numerous calculations that can be used to divide this benefit depending on the parties’ circumstances. Questions need to be answered regarding length of service, type of benefit (active duty or reserve), length of marriage, overlap of service and marriage, rank of servicemember, etc. Beyond the actual division of the retirement benefit itself, service members and their families should be advised about other benefits including the interplay between length of marriage and length of the service member career as it pertains to health benefits, survivor benefits, on base privileges and direct payments to a spouse.

Whether you an active servicemember, retiree, or military spouse, you need an attorney with the specific expertise needed to address all the issues that may or may not arise in your case. Naggiar Á Sarif specialized is military divorce, and can guide you through this difficult time.

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