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Who is the best divorce lawyer in Georgia?

Many people begin their search for a divorce attorney by simply searching online with key phrases like “Who is the best divorce lawyer in Atlanta?” or “Who is the top lawyer in Georgia?” and similar searches.

While the internet can point you in the right direction and help you research, the truth is that the prudent person should only choose a lawyer that they feel completely comfortable with and who also has a track record of experience and success in the area that you need help with.  It is perfectly fine to interview more than one attorney, but I would encourage someone who is going through a divorce, child custody case, or family law matter to give primary consideration to attorneys who focus on these types of cases.  There are many intricacies and details in divorce, child custody, and family law cases that an attorney who doesn’t mainly (or solely) practice in these areas of law might miss or be unaware of.  Think about it?  If you needed a heart transplant would you ask a general surgeon to perform it?  Probably not.

Of course, while there are many top attorneys focusing on divorce, custody, and family law, you understandably might not know where to really begin online.  Super Lawyers, Avvo, and lawyers.com are excellent places to start to research potential attorneys.  Even Yelp is starting to gain traction as a review site for attorneys, so it’s worth taking a look there too.

After making your short list of potential attorneys, definitely keep in mind that the “best” attorney is not only an experienced lawyer that you feel comfortable with, but also keeps you apprised of the current status of your case and the next steps involved.  Also, it is important that the attorney you choose is someone you feel responds to your questions and concerns in a timely manner while also providing insightful and strategic guidance and/ or advice.

The excellent questions “How do I interview a divorce lawyer?” and “What to cover in the initial consultation” will be covered in subsequent blogs.


By David Sarif