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ABA Section of Family Law 2014 Spring CLE Conference

Last week Danny Naggiar and I attended the American Bar Association’s Family Law Spring CLE conference in Bermuda.  The conference was a huge success by all accounts.

It was great to see old friends and make new connections, but most importantly, we had the opportunity to learn from many lawyers and experts who are considered leaders and the best in their field.  The topics ranged from “Emerging Issues in Custody Relocation Cases” to “Love, Sex, Money, Marriage and Death: Estate Planning Aspects of Divorce” and “How to Find Your Spouse’s Secret Offshore Bank Account: Using U.S. Tax Reporting Requirements as a Discovery Tool for Locating Foreign Assets.”

As Chair of the ABA’s Trial Practice and Techniques committee, I have the opportunity to produce and present many ABA programs relating to trial practice and family law litigation.  The program that I produced for this conference was entitled “Old and New Solutions in High Conflict Custody Cases” and believe it was well received.  I am hopeful with the knowledge gained we can be that much better as lawyers for our clients.

The program’s brochure is located here.


By David Sarif