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Child Custody: A Complex Topic

child custody, atlanta, divocrce lawNo matter the age of the child, when parents have concerns about who should have custody of that child, things can become complicated. This is one of the top reasons that individuals search out the services of Naggiar and Sarif.

There are many issues surrounding custody of children and what is in the children’s best interests. Moreover, there are many nuances between the different types of custody, whether it be physical or legal custody of a child.


Issues a Child Custody Lawyer in Atlanta Can Help With

• In cases where two parents were never married, a child custody lawyer can help the father to assert legitimation and gain parenting time or custodial rights or an attorney can likewise help the mother with paternity.

• In cases where the Department of Children and Family Services believes that the child is being deprived, parents can and should seek the assistance of a child custody lawyer who is well-versed in the law regarding child custody.

• When parents do not agree on a custody agreement, attorneys can help to create an agreement or parenting plan.

• If the parents cannot agree or resolve their differences, then a child custody attorney can help a parent argue or protect their rights in court.

What Do Judges Consider in Child Custody Cases?

In child custody cases, the judge must decide what is best for the child (or children) in question and what will best promote the child’s welfare and happiness. There are many factors the judge will consider and in Georgia, they are codified in O.C.G.A. 19-9-3. Judges will take into account information such as who has cared for the child or children in the past, which parent has a more stable home situation, any recommendation by a court appointed custody evaluator or guardian ad litem, and the mental and physical health of each parent. These are just a few of the criteria that judges will consider when they are making decisions involving child custody.

Whether parents are working to determine who will have custody of their child and how much support that parent will receive or creation of a parenting plan that both can live with, the lawyers at NS Family Law Firm can provide guidance and clear legal representation, no matter how complicated the case may be. For more information on how we can help you in our role as an Atlanta child custody lawyer, contact us today.

By David Sarif